Fast Track for High Achievers: 443-305-2270

Fast Track for High Achievers: 443-305-2270

Leader-Ship Solutions

Set Your Course for Excellence with Leaders-Ship in the Sailing Classroom.

No sailing experience required: less experience equates into quicker results.

  • This course is designed to help teams look at personal, leadership/team building, skills as a long term goal instead of a series of learned techniques. It builds internal motivation for sustainable performance improvement. Physical and mental exercises coordinate to expose obstacles for leadership and team work. Teams see leadership skills in action and aspire to gain these skills. This is the make-up of an effective team. This classroom parallels the work environment with real life situations since team tools are inherent in Leaders-Ship. In other words, Leaders-Ship combines powerful content, cutting edge research with expert facilitation. This is the best approach for developing teams and cultivating leadership. It engages teams to foster innovation while shifting from practicing skills to teaching skills to other team members and sharing risk taking.
  • Some team members already hold some skills: time/diversity/crises management, accountability, communication, negotiation, problem solving, hiring practices, etc. Such skills might take months to evaluate in the work place. In contrast, "role playing" or other idiosyncrasies which block reaching objectives (destination) are easily identified in "action oriented" Leaders-Ship. Subsequently, participants commit to the (team's) company's objectives and to its mission (destination). The result is higher improvement in leader's/team's competencies, greater impact on business, and greater ROI.

Leaders-Ship's Brief Synopsis:

  • 2 1/2 Day Course (Annapolis, MD):
    Maximum participants is four, minimum is two. It is discouraged to only have two team members. This course has four blocks of instruction.
  • 4 1/2 Day Course (Annapolis, MD or Key West, FL):
    Accommodates up to six team members with appropriate number of training blocks (6).
  • Each team member rotates and leads the team through at least one block which usually includes a sailing destination.
  • Each day of any Leaders-Ship course culminates with speeches, measured outcomes (tests) which are applied to job situations and ROI. For example: ability to make sound decisions with speed and accuracy, awareness of standards existing in various groups, interests, temperament, aggressiveness, individualism, communication skills, specialized abilities. Inherent with Leaders-Ship: quick evaluation of tasks and these skills.

High Achievers in Leaders-Ship:

Condensed course and to fulfill objectives:

  • Two weeks prior to course, team members receive following info:

  • 1. Review of leadership theories and instruction to prepare speeches and for completing personality inventories.

  • 2. Essentials for this class environment.

  • 3. Directions to Leaders-Ship.

  • 4. Brief synopsis of course syllabus.

  • Leaders-Ship should receive company's input:

  • 1. Number of employees.

  • 2. Number of facilities and locations.

  • 3. Product or service.

  • 4. Organizational structure.

  • 5. Specific results requested.

  • Post Course: Company receives a report containing participants evaluation of the company, peers evaluation of team members strengths and weaknesses, result of participants specific block of training, brief analysis of team members alternatives to succeed and other info if requested.

Leaders-Ship's Uniqueness:

  • Other courses attempt to enhance the already mentioned skills or objectives but to solidify them, they have to be seen and experienced.
  • ** Leaders-Ship concentrates on communication skills.
  • ** Leaders-Ship evaluates areas not covered in other training classes.
    One has not been taught but all encompassing.

Other covered subjects which are "outside the box":

  • Bureaucracy vs. Leadership.
  • Manipulation vs. Leadership.
  • Complacency vs. Leadership.
  • Insecurity vs. Leadership.