Fast Track for High Achievers: 443-305-2270

Fast Track for High Achievers: 443-305-2270

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Your Challenge

Leaders and Teams for the 21st Century.

"Leadership is about showing not telling." "Position does not translate into leadership." "Team-building is an entity which is larger than the sum of its parts." "Leaders promote teamwork" and they "trump managers".

  • For decades, people have been theorizing about leaders and teams. There are many "how to" lists, and thousands of training programs. But, the search continues for the employer wants efficiency and ROI personified.
  • Individuals study hundreds of hours of classroom and computer training but until they see leadership and teams in action, it is opportunity lost. "I know, for only when I worked for a leader did all the learned concepts become crystal clear. At that time, I out-performed just about everybody in sight."

Return on Investment (ROI):

Individual learning combined with instructor training boasts a ROI of 75-100% greater than either one approach. Some companies report an ROI of 100% after training. Firms investing most in training and development yielded a 36.9% total shareholder return compared with 25.5% weighted return for S&P 500 index for same period. These same firms enjoyed higher profit margins, higher income per employee and higher price-to-book ratios. In other words, competitive edge improved along with employee satisfaction and retention while supervisory time and costs declined. Fact: "a 2% increase in productivity nets 100% ROI in training."

Similar Courses Other than Leaders-Ship:

Leaders are action oriented. Learning skills in a stagnant environment (classroom) is not efficient.

  • Outward Bound: These are usually specific exercises which are short-term. Some physical activities are hampered by communication problems, or number of participants which does not promote teamwork evaluation.
  • The Sailboat Classroom: The "entertainment aspect" of other courses is emphasized. "Lessons Learned" are not in a structured environment, i.e. cocktail parties, etc. Leadership and team-building is secondary. Leaders-Ship is the only one which has teams in the classroom continually throughout the course. As a result, Leaders-Ship promotes reality based evaluations with quick objectives in a structured environment.